Chapter 17 Real-Time Public Relations



This chapter discussed getting your company or organization ready for real-time communication. Just simply performing the task of media monitoring doesn’t suffice for the impacts of the rapid growth of social media and its communication.

Complexity-This section gave different scenarios of a PR consultant living the dream in 1991. The consultant’s task for a campaign included contacting journalist and the simple things. In another scenario in 2012 the PR consultant is consumed with communication and media technologies and paying close attention to customer to customer communications.

There are so many questions PR consultant can ask, from “where should I listen and how should I make sense of it, and what demands a response and what should I say and when should I say it, and to whom should I say it and where should I say it, and in which format should I say it?” When these two different angles are compared, you can automatically assume the “massive complexity” against the consultant of 1991.

What does success look like?

This chapter points out the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, HOW of the public relations strategy and the success in real-time.

  • What? – Active listening.
  • Who? – The right member of the team.
  • How? – Adopting an appropriate tone of voice.
  • When? – Timely as the conversation demands.


Culture is a trait that is to be taken into consideration when establishing different communication influences with clients and brands. Knowing how to implement with the “team and personal goal alignment” of culture in real-time communication is essential.

In the end PR consultant must go beyond monitoring feedback of communication but be engaged in the “real-time” of it all.



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