AS-L Case Study for PR Project

In this original post I would like to discuss the process and steps that I am taking to create the event for my AS-L project in Case Studies for Public Relations. Also I will give some details of what the event will consist of. This project requires me to volunteer with a non-profit organization and work with them on a event, fundraiser or visibility campaign. In this process I will be using my PR skills to help plan the event, creating press releases or flyers, and utilizing social media to advertise and post updates about the event.

My non-profit organization is Bethany Christian Services where their mission is to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting and enhancing the lives of children and families through quality social services.  I will be working with youth from ages 14-21 and they will be participating an on campus event, for exposure to different college and career opportunities. The event will start with a campus tour at Eastern Michigan University, followed by a motivational speaker. This speaker will discuss resume building, being professional, and networking skills. Finally the day will end with a ‘Dress for Success Fashion show,’ which will display models in business casual attire and looks to dress professional for work or interviews.

I will utilize all my resources on EMU’s campus in terms of setting up the campus tour, and reserving an auditorium for the speaker and fashion show. Even though this event will not include EMU students I will post and semi-manage Bethany Christian Services social media site to create awareness to the public (EMU) about the “semi-partnership’ with EMU and Bethany Christian Services to help the youth explore bigger and greater opportunities. I will also create a press release and flyer to hand over to EMU’s Echo newspaper to inform them of what is happening on campus. This event will not only benefit me in completing my assignment outline, but will also give me exposure to event planning with a non-profit organization which is my PLN.

Lastly, my goals for Bethany Christians Services and their youth is to……

  • Expose the youth to a college campus setting.
  • Inform youth of higher education opportunities.
  • Create a culture shock, in this widely diverse setting.
  • Display professional dress wear to the youth.
  • Motivate and encourage the youth to take risk and to set goals.

Chapter 5 Social Media Guidelines and class discussion

Companies and organizations that have ventured into the world of social media as a prominent source of advertisement, set guidelines for their employees to follow when accessing the companies social media sites. From recent reports within companies and their employees experiencing issues of bringing the company into disrepute, yet guidelines have become an essential for 24% of companies. This is usually simulated from employees giving their opinion about the brand they represent on their personal SNS, and at the same time employed and “representing” their company/brand.

Brand bashing among employees according to Beast of’s blog  is ‘someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community.’ This is something that many employees of competitive brands are doing more often since SNS has been implemented in most organizations. For example, a major brand like Red Bull and their employees get on their personal social media profiles and bash Monster energy drink posting negative statements about the competitors brand. From being an employee at Red Bull our manager has stated the importance of how brand bashing is not permitted of any employee.

These factors of negative and ill-usage of social media sites within a company are the main reasons that managers install social media guidelines. Most companies create descriptive guidelines for their employees to know the “DOS” and “DONT’s” of the companies Social Media usage. The biggest recommendation that chapter 5 in the text states about guidelines of Social Media is when “Reminding employees to remain professional If they are not engaging with social media on behalf of an organization, they should state ‘views are my own’ on their social media profiles and should only visit these sites  when not actively involved in company business.”