Chapter 21 The future of PR education

This chapter discusses two sides of PR, from the point of who actually can do it and are there specific skills needed. There were two questions asked at the beginning of this chapter…..Is public relations a relatively simple craft that anyone with sufficient common sense and experience can practice? Or is it a complex managerial activity that requires lifelong learning. And in my opinion I think the answer to both questions are yes, simply because its all about the individual and the skills they poses.

On one side of PR an individual could just happen to have the creativity and “common sense” to perform different task in PR without having a diploma or any degree. Yet on the other side there may be an individual that may have this passion for PR but has to take courses in PR or just want to improve/enhance their craft. I think the degree and background comes into play when the individual may be seeking for a higher position in PR. Just like we talked about in class when Gina gave examples about her employee vs. the intern and how the intern out-shined the employee because of their passion and desire to work in public relations.

I love the example given in the text that mentions how an employer had followed a student throughout his college education and watched how he shaped his skill and ultimately got hired on with the company. This all happen because he put his self out there and the tools he used may have been more qualified then his degree classification.

So in the end, is it necessary to have a “lifelong learning” of PR or is “common sense” enough to get the job done?



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