Social Media guidelines update Chapter 5

I wrote a blog a few weeks ago about the class discussion we had about chapter 5 and Coco Cola and their Social Media Principles. We explored their principles because of how in depth and descriptive they were in order to gain the cooperation of their employees.

I currently work at three different companies and neither of them have provided me with any social media guidelines. Even though one company that I work for has two sentences that states not posting at work activities on your personal social media sites. Yet this statement fails to go into detail on what employees can and cannot do according to the companies rules. At Red Bull a company that I work has recently appointment the captain of the Wings Team to create the social media guidelines for the area that I work in. These guidelines are to be approved by our supervisor before made official. When you think of who writes the guidelines you automatically think of a supervisor or manager but in this case an actual employee was appointed to create the social media guidelines, which is a good idea. This is a great idea because the team captain actually works in the position in which the guidelines will be implemented. She knows what is being done and things that may arise or different situations that we may be put in.

If companies don’t know where to start or how to create guidelines to instruct their employees I think by following Waddington’s DO’s and DON’T’s which state……..


1. Think before you post

2. Add a ‘views are my own’ disclaimer where appropriate.

3. Correct errors openly and in a timely manner.

4. Be respectful.

5. Check privacy settings.

6. Disclose relationships and connections.

7. Regularly check for updates to your organization’s social media.


1. Make an audience feel uncomfortable.

2. Bring your organization into disrepute.

3. Reveal company/client sensitive information or intellectual property.

4. Be fake.