Your Invited!!!

I remember when I use to get so excited to receive letters in the mail with my name on it, especially an invitation to a birthday party. Now, that doesn’t even exist anymore well at least its the last thing that pops into your head when you are inviting people to an event. When its time for a party and you want to invite all of your friends you run to social media networks to create the event, inviting all of your friends. The most popular site to do this on is Facebook, you simply create the event, give it a name, some details, location, when, and start selecting your Facebook friends who you wish to come.

There are tons of online event sites where individuals can go to create an event page and have others come to their site to register for that particular event. Eventbrite is also equipped to where you can visit the site and discover new events in your area. In an article on it gives insights to the 13 Best Free Event Listing Websites. Some of these popular event websites are Eventful, Zvents,,,, and,

As a resort of all the new sites for listing events, this has become the official way to invite friends and family to special events. This tool has also become a top benefit for businesses and their social media marketing. In a Jeff Hurt blog The Top Five Benefits of Social Media Marketing, is generating more business exposure, increasing traffic, providing marketplace insight, generating leads, and developing loyal fans. This all ties back into creating events on social media networks, from inviting followers to live chats, events in local areas, and inviting followers to receive different offers. Raising awareness and creating customer loyalty is the main goal of social media and event listing for businesses, organizations, and personal use.