10 Ways to Glamorize Graduation and then Document it via Pinterest

With the months leading up to graduation I have been very unenthusiastic about graduating. It could be a result of a lot of things from working three different jobs, constantly driving here and there, or the acne that has invaded my face. But, whatever the reason is I think I have finally found the solution. Over the past six months I have been a avid user of Pinterest. This has became my ultimate go to on “how to categories” and gaining great ideas on what to do in just about any situation. So I came up with the idea of documenting the way I plan to glamorize in the preparation of graduation. I will blog about it and visualize it via Pinterest/Instagram. But I had no clue as to what the top 10 things to do in preparation for graduating and actually being happy about it. So I looked to friends and those of the unknown for advice, whether they were a recent graduate or had great ideas as to what they would do. And here’s what I got……………………

I posed the question on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram using Tweegram. This way I could track the different suggestions and feedback to add to my list of 10 ways to glamorize graduation.

1. Take graduation pictures.

2. Shop for your graduation day outfit.

3. Make a pedicure and manicure appointment.

4. Set a spa day. (just for relaxation)

5. Buy your cap and gown.

6. Bedazzle your cap with something that illustrates who you are.

7. Invite tons of family and friends and send out graduation announcements.

8. Pick a restaurant to dine at after graduation.

9. Plan a graduation party to celebrate your accomplishments. (And to get money)

10. Know what your next steps are from your career to your future endeavors.

All of these things symbolize the top 10 ways to be happy and exited for your accomplishment of graduating with your degree from a college/university.
I will document this list by taking pictures of each thing that I do from the top 10 list via Pinterest and Instagram. My goal of this is to influence other young ladies that may be struggling with finding their excitement for graduation or just for someone who has no idea what to do. Through my Pinterest search of ways to glamorize graduation I did not find many results, with posting my board about this topic it will be able to reach many since it is not a popular topic. I plan to create a follow up piece with this topic that will list “The Things to do to Make sure you will graduate,” from financial aid and audits, etc,.