Social Media and Relationships

SNS= Social Networking Sites

Just by reading the title you can probably already guess the road that I plan to go down. But I feel this is something that needs to be touched on and not many people want to talk about it, they just avoid the situation all in one. Well here I go……

“Social media is poisonous to a healthy relationship.”  In today’s generation, it seems as if no one really “dates” anymore. It’s either we’re “talking”, “kicking it”, “that’s my boo”. WHAT!!!!! Wait, what happened to the word boyfriend and girlfriend, clearly it doesn’t exist anymore. Males and females, hangout, shack-up, and do anything they can to get around the actual meaning of a relationship.

Most women run to social media sites to determine their standings with a guy. If he tweets about her subliminally a.k.a subtweet, @’s her in a tweet, post a picture of them two, or even re-tweets and likes what she posts, this classifies for “good standings.” This seems to be the only way to know how a guy feels about you. “In a survey, conducted on Facebook out of 1,000 respondents, 25% found out that their relationship ended via Facebook.”

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has become the start and the end to most relationships. Don’t get me wrong, there are/can be happy endings to social media relationships. For instance, the Couple That Fell In Love Over Tumblr, almost bought me to tears.


Everyone or for this situation every guy doesn’t plan a fairy tale ending, but this shows that there is hope. Unfortunately, based on the type of information a guy puts out there on SNS determines the status of the current girl that they are “talking to”. Most sites and articles that I have visited and read, recommends that in order to have a healthy relationship, you have to block each other from one another’s social media accounts. Personally this has worked. Most couples dating or in some sort of “relationship,” look to SNS as an outlet and source to vent or display themselves in an unfiltered manner. But when you think about it one should not have to resort to SNS in order to be themselves.

Now, I have no PhD. or a professional background in love/relationships, I’m basing this all off of personal experience, reality TV, and from seeing it with my own eyes with friends. As you have seen my continuous quotations around the various titles of relationships, because who knows what it is anymore. Social media has changed the American traditions of courting and dating to grow into a healthy relationship.

~Brittany Thornton