Chapter 5 Social Media Guidelines and class discussion

Companies and organizations that have ventured into the world of social media as a prominent source of advertisement, set guidelines for their employees to follow when accessing the companies social media sites. From recent reports within companies and their employees experiencing issues of bringing the company into disrepute, yet guidelines have become an essential for 24% of companies. This is usually simulated from employees giving their opinion about the brand they represent on their personal SNS, and at the same time employed and “representing” their company/brand.

Brand bashing among employees according to Beast of’s blog  is ‘someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community.’ This is something that many employees of competitive brands are doing more often since SNS has been implemented in most organizations. For example, a major brand like Red Bull and their employees get on their personal social media profiles and bash Monster energy drink posting negative statements about the competitors brand. From being an employee at Red Bull our manager has stated the importance of how brand bashing is not permitted of any employee.

These factors of negative and ill-usage of social media sites within a company are the main reasons that managers install social media guidelines. Most companies create descriptive guidelines for their employees to know the “DOS” and “DONT’s” of the companies Social Media usage. The biggest recommendation that chapter 5 in the text states about guidelines of Social Media is when “Reminding employees to remain professional If they are not engaging with social media on behalf of an organization, they should state ‘views are my own’ on their social media profiles and should only visit these sites  when not actively involved in company business.”


Chapter 17 Real-Time Public Relations



This chapter discussed getting your company or organization ready for real-time communication. Just simply performing the task of media monitoring doesn’t suffice for the impacts of the rapid growth of social media and its communication.

Complexity-This section gave different scenarios of a PR consultant living the dream in 1991. The consultant’s task for a campaign included contacting journalist and the simple things. In another scenario in 2012 the PR consultant is consumed with communication and media technologies and paying close attention to customer to customer communications.

There are so many questions PR consultant can ask, from “where should I listen and how should I make sense of it, and what demands a response and what should I say and when should I say it, and to whom should I say it and where should I say it, and in which format should I say it?” When these two different angles are compared, you can automatically assume the “massive complexity” against the consultant of 1991.

What does success look like?

This chapter points out the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, HOW of the public relations strategy and the success in real-time.

  • What? – Active listening.
  • Who? – The right member of the team.
  • How? – Adopting an appropriate tone of voice.
  • When? – Timely as the conversation demands.


Culture is a trait that is to be taken into consideration when establishing different communication influences with clients and brands. Knowing how to implement with the “team and personal goal alignment” of culture in real-time communication is essential.

In the end PR consultant must go beyond monitoring feedback of communication but be engaged in the “real-time” of it all.


Your Invited!!!

I remember when I use to get so excited to receive letters in the mail with my name on it, especially an invitation to a birthday party. Now, that doesn’t even exist anymore well at least its the last thing that pops into your head when you are inviting people to an event. When its time for a party and you want to invite all of your friends you run to social media networks to create the event, inviting all of your friends. The most popular site to do this on is Facebook, you simply create the event, give it a name, some details, location, when, and start selecting your Facebook friends who you wish to come.

There are tons of online event sites where individuals can go to create an event page and have others come to their site to register for that particular event. Eventbrite is also equipped to where you can visit the site and discover new events in your area. In an article on it gives insights to the 13 Best Free Event Listing Websites. Some of these popular event websites are Eventful, Zvents,,,, and,

As a resort of all the new sites for listing events, this has become the official way to invite friends and family to special events. This tool has also become a top benefit for businesses and their social media marketing. In a Jeff Hurt blog The Top Five Benefits of Social Media Marketing, is generating more business exposure, increasing traffic, providing marketplace insight, generating leads, and developing loyal fans. This all ties back into creating events on social media networks, from inviting followers to live chats, events in local areas, and inviting followers to receive different offers. Raising awareness and creating customer loyalty is the main goal of social media and event listing for businesses, organizations, and personal use.

Social Media and Relationships

SNS= Social Networking Sites

Just by reading the title you can probably already guess the road that I plan to go down. But I feel this is something that needs to be touched on and not many people want to talk about it, they just avoid the situation all in one. Well here I go……

“Social media is poisonous to a healthy relationship.”  In today’s generation, it seems as if no one really “dates” anymore. It’s either we’re “talking”, “kicking it”, “that’s my boo”. WHAT!!!!! Wait, what happened to the word boyfriend and girlfriend, clearly it doesn’t exist anymore. Males and females, hangout, shack-up, and do anything they can to get around the actual meaning of a relationship.

Most women run to social media sites to determine their standings with a guy. If he tweets about her subliminally a.k.a subtweet, @’s her in a tweet, post a picture of them two, or even re-tweets and likes what she posts, this classifies for “good standings.” This seems to be the only way to know how a guy feels about you. “In a survey, conducted on Facebook out of 1,000 respondents, 25% found out that their relationship ended via Facebook.”

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has become the start and the end to most relationships. Don’t get me wrong, there are/can be happy endings to social media relationships. For instance, the Couple That Fell In Love Over Tumblr, almost bought me to tears.


Everyone or for this situation every guy doesn’t plan a fairy tale ending, but this shows that there is hope. Unfortunately, based on the type of information a guy puts out there on SNS determines the status of the current girl that they are “talking to”. Most sites and articles that I have visited and read, recommends that in order to have a healthy relationship, you have to block each other from one another’s social media accounts. Personally this has worked. Most couples dating or in some sort of “relationship,” look to SNS as an outlet and source to vent or display themselves in an unfiltered manner. But when you think about it one should not have to resort to SNS in order to be themselves.

Now, I have no PhD. or a professional background in love/relationships, I’m basing this all off of personal experience, reality TV, and from seeing it with my own eyes with friends. As you have seen my continuous quotations around the various titles of relationships, because who knows what it is anymore. Social media has changed the American traditions of courting and dating to grow into a healthy relationship.

~Brittany Thornton

{52 Week Money Challenge} The Easiest Way to Save $1,000+

{52 Week Money Challenge} The Easiest Way to Save $1,000+.

Exploitation of Children in the Media

Society needs to become aware of the exploitation of childrenin the media, and the problematic outcomes that children face. From child-stars, actors, little miss sunshine, and pageant contestants, all of these are forms of public exposure and can turn out to be the down fall of a child’s career.Parents that recognize any spark of talent in their child at a young age takes advantage of the opportunity to make their son/daughter a star. Living this dream through their child does not occur over night. Children are placed in talent shows, auditions, and attending different events in hopes to be signed with an agency that can help kick start their career in “Hollywood”.

The American reality series on TLC Toddlers & Tiaras, displays little girls from the ages of 2-10 that are paraded across the stage, fake teeth, fake tan, and real determination according to their parents. This is a prime example of the soliciting of these little girls that is causing major issues of child exploitation.

Pageant contestant Karen’s, mom “is not afraid to have a couple tears shed in the quest for the crown”, these parents are willing to put their child through it all and most importantly are not aware of the danger they are putting their son/daughters in. Parents exploit their daughters by changing their innocent youthful appearance to emulate that of a teenage girl. From big hair, tans, make-up & high heels society views these underage girls as a “sex symbol”. There are child molesters that purposely attend pageants to prey on little girls.

Eventually one of those little girls will be noticed and elevate their career to the point where they will need a publicist. ‘Think Public Relations’ discusses the topic of “Entertainment, Sports, and tourism, it illustrates the personal publicity the celebrities and athletes receive to remain an icon image in the public eye. “A dominant aspect of today’s mass media is the cult of celebrity.”

Cases like JonBenét Patricia Ramsey, shows the deadly outcomes of children put in the public eye. According to Wikipedia, Ramsey was born on August 6, 1990 and died December 25, 1996 “she was an American child beauty pageant contestant who was murdered in her home in Boulder, Colorado in 1996. The six-year-olds body was found in the basement of the family home. She had been struck on the head and strangled. The case, which after several grand jury hearings remains unsolved, and to today it continues to generate in public and media” She would have recently celebrated her 21st birthday.

Not at all, in no way shape or form, am I against children reaching towards the stars or getting involved in extracurricular activities or anything of that nature, I welcome it being done the right way. My niece was recently crowned Miss Michigan Princess 2011 with the National American Miss Pageant organization.

This is an all-natural beauty pageant and it requires contestants and winners to be involved in community services and other volunteer work to give back. Their mission as the NAM is “dedicated to celebrating America’s greatness and encouraging its future leaders. Each year, the pageant awards one million dollars in cash, scholarships and prizes to recognize and assist the development of young women nationwide.” I believe that whatever parents chose to have their child partake in, they need to get a positive message out of it and not just look at it as a competition.

My goal as a Auntie and Student is to make parents all across the world aware of the severities of exploiting their children for fame and fortune, and when it involves the harm of children some action needs to be taken place.The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) is a private, non-profit organization established in 1984 by the United States Congress. This PR firm is taking steps at creating awareness of this issue………………..

Brittany K. Thornton

Hunger…What to eat?

As a college student my eating habits has become horrible. I have went from daily 3 course meals to snatching whatever I can get through out the day, or as of now once a day.

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